LaBella Dentro Rose Logo

A story of elegance, refinement, femininity and a job well done is LaBella Dentro’s vision.

We started our path in 2014 with a line of handmade Murano glass Jewelry for those who appreciate art, fashion and tradition. Each glass bead is made from an Italian Murano glass cane and is lampworked piece by piece. Each piece has its own history, a history that is found in every splash of color. Even though, the art of blowing glass is an old tradition and the glass workers are still following their age-old techniques, continuous innovations have led to more stylish and contemporary pieces consistent with trends of today’s world fashions, which we hope to bring to you through our web page.

Today we are very proud and excited to offer new collections from Italy, 100% handcrafted. The “handcrafted” aspect is one of the most important guidelines of LaBella Dentro, as we want to offer our customers a unique quality product that is not mass produced.

Our new line, BySimon, is well renowned in Italy being in business from the 1970’s and having multiple stores across the country. Inspired by new fashion trends, their designers have a deep passion for beauty, carefully selecting the raw material ensuring the highest standards of performance. The design and Made in Italy hallmark give life to refined and fabulous jewels. BySimon jewels are handmade and the expert goldsmiths are committed to minimize the environmental impact of their activities.

GianKarla is an Italian Brand founded in 2008, known for its original and refined jewelry. GianKarla is our newest brand of semi-precious stones, pearls, quartz, hematite’s, onyx, opals, and many other stones.
With contemporary design and artisanal craftsmanship, coupled with detail oriented innovation and high quality, and of course handcrafted. GianKarla is forever distinguished in the world of luxury fashion.

 “Explore the Beauty Within”

Andreea Mandreanu-Faur

Founder & CEO