ELESSAR – Millefiori Pendant Necklace

Murano glass pendant necklace created in the most popular ancient technique of millefiori, meaning thousand of flowers made from handmade glass canes, each with individual pattern of flowers, hearts, stars or a simple circle. The glass cane is then cut into small discs and the tiny pieces of various canes or “millefiori’ are artistically placed into different shapes and sizes. These pieces are then reheated to slightly fuse the canes together to form a pendant. Our necklace is pink with millefiori pattern and gold flecks in Aventurina technique on a double bead necklace. Each pendant is created by hand so no two will ever be identical. Viewing this pendant in sunlight will reveal the true beauty. Bottomed sachet included.


Type: Pendant Necklace

Color: Pink

Necklace length:  16-18 inch (42-46cm)

Material: Murano glass in the Millefiori style with double bead necklace.

Item #: W123N1

Note:  Ring Sold Separately  "Laguna Ring Link"